Dance Etiquette

  • If you are engaged in conversation move off the dance floor.

  • To cross the room either dance across the floor or walk around the perimeter.
    When walking around the perimeter, give dancers right of way and don't get in their way.

  • Carry food and beverages around the perimeter. Wipe up your own spills.

  • While dancing, do not give dance tips unless asked. If asked, just give tips about what you were asked about. When engaged in giving a lengthy tip, or if you stop dancing to discuss it, move off the dance floor. And, above all, don't give that person tips again until they ask you again.

  • Floorcraft is adjusting your dancing to the floor conditions. This includes the space you have and floor quality. For example, using less space on a crowded floor.

  • You can politely turn down a request to dance by saying something like "No, thank you. I'm sitting this one out." or "I'd be happy to dance with you later. I just need to rest now." If you turn down a request to dance, to be polite, it is important that you not dance at all during the dance in question. An exception to this would occur when you have promised a particular dance, (maybe to a favourite tune or style ) to someone else. Then you can politely explain your situation to the requester at hand but make sure you go and find them a dance or two later.

  • Don't just dance with your favorite dancers. It's called "social" dancing for a reason.

  • Let the less comfortable person set the rules

  • It is always up to the follow, not the lead, to set the distance between the partners. However, if the lead feels like they are being held to closely for comfort or safety, they might say something like "If you move away a little bit, I'll be able to lead you more safely." If either partner is not being allowed to set what they feel is a comfortable and safe distance, they should feel free to say that they need to sit down to rest, or something else equally polite.